Saturday, January 1, 2011

I think I'm related to a Serial Killer

My Great Great Grandmother was married four times by the time she was fifty.

By the time she died herself, I *think* this was her name:

Adaline Holiday Simpson Matthews Gager Smith

I say *think* because her fourth husband, whom she married in 1895, was dead by 1905, and she was still listed as widowed in the 1910 Census. Still, she didn't die until approx 1916 which left her a whopping 6 years to get married again, and since I can't find her dead under any of the above names, I can only assume she probably had another one.

Now, in Genealogy it's fairly common to find people married more than once. Childbirth claimed a lot of women's lives, and I have a couple male ancestors who were married three times ... but even that's a bit more uncommon.

Here's the real kicker though.

Each of my great great grandmother's husbands died before she married the next one.


Of What?

Nobody knows.

But I think I do.

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